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5 Fabulous Quinceanera Theme to Celebrate the Big 15

So, your granddaughter is growing up this fast, and this time, it is special because all of you want to throw a Quinceanera for the young lady. Well, that’s a great plan to make the apple of your eyes smile and be happy. She can enjoy the day with her friends and family! And of course, feel special and pampered! However, when it comes to a Quinceanera, it is important for you to book a spacious venue and decide on a theme because a Quinceanera without a theme is absolutely boring! But, if you have no clue about the themes to choose, there here are a few hot and happening 2018 theme ideas for you. Go through them and pick the one which you think is the best!

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Alice in Wonderland – The little lady would simply love this theme – I bet on this. She would be surprised and would boast about it if you pick this one for her Quinceanera. After all, it is one ofher favourite stories of all time. You need to use a lot of white and blue decor elements to make this one happen. A lavish dessert table is a must! This theme is a rage when it comes to themed parties because most teenagers absolutely love it. However, while arranging this Houston Quinceanera party, you need to ask the banquet hall you are hiring about if they have the required elements and lighting to make it a hit or not. If not, then my suggestion would be to look for other halls.

Butterfly Quinceanera – If you want to go for a whimsical theme, which would allow you to incorporate a lot of sparkles and bright colours, then go for the butterfly theme! Bright colours and a lot of paper decors are a must. This would actually depend on your granddaughter’s choice and only you will be able to decide if she would like this theme or not! Do not forget to ask the caterers of the banquet hall to arrange a butterfly-shaped gooey cake as well.

Victorian Themed Quinceanera– Nothing can beat the charm of the Victorian era! Vintage style, a beautiful gown with elaborate designs for the beautiful lady, chandeliers and tall candles for the decor, white lace table covers and some classical music is what you need to make this theme a hit! This one actually has been there for quite some time and is not going to go out of trend anytime soon. It is basically a classic theme. Ensure that you choose a good venue in Houston so that the decorating team would obviously help you with this.

Peacock Themed Quinceanera – Another trending Quinceanera theme of all time is a colourful one, namely the peacock theme. Incorporate the obvious colours that would justify the theme such as teal, purple and green! The decor would look breathtaking! Get some fake peacock-feather clips and jewellery for your little lady so that she looks ultra-glamorous.

At the end of this blog, all I want to say that it is all about the perfect colour combination, planning the decor, picking up lip-smacking delicacies for the menu and having fun together! Just make sure you book a venue that caters to all the services so that you do not have to contact various teams for various jobs.

Now that you know it all, why delay any further? Start looking for wedding venues in Houston that also arranges themes Quinceanera parties. And to know more, kindly keep reading my blogs as in my next blog, I would be writing about the Cinderella theme, under the sea theme and Masquerade Themed Quinceanera. I would be happy to help you plan such parties. Thank me later!

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