4 Tips to Make your Wedding Stand Out!

Planning a wedding is exciting for every couple. Everything included in the process is joyful, from deciding the venue and the guests’ list to what food to serve. Also, every couple wants their wedding to be different from the rest. Perhaps you may also decide on a specific theme for the wedding or think of some grand gesture to make the guests feel special. Whatever it is that you choose, the efforts are without a doubt to make your Wedding in Healdsburg stand out.

In this article, we will go through four ways to help your wedding stand out:

Go for Different Types of Flowers

Traditional wedding flowers have now become a thing of the past. You can go with dried flowers or bouquets of fresh flowers of the same color or complement multiple colors. Depending on the venue, the colors of the flowers you choose might also differ.

For instance, if you have your wedding in Healdsburg, you can choose the colors of flowers like spray roses to garden roses, standard ranunculus, popular variety of peony Cactus and pompon dahlias that go with the place’s scenic beauty since the city is filled with vineyards.

Have a Wide Variety of Desserts

Who doesn’t like desserts? While ambiance, venue, and other services matter, food is what everyone loves. You can have a wide range of desserts of different flavors. You can even include some desserts of family heritage. For instance, if the couple is Greek, they can incorporate some traditional desserts into the menu. This will not only make the wedding memorable, but the wedding will also have a classic touch.

From Cheesecake bites, a modern wedding dessert to chocolate mousse, strawberry shortcake shooters, mini dream dessert cupcakes, etc., will also make the venue look more colorful.

Put Extra Effort Into Making Each Guest’s Place Setting Stand Out

Little things go a long way. You should consider small details like gold chargers, dinner menu cards, folded napkins, a thank you card, etc., to make your guests feel more welcomed. You can even plan some games or activities for the guests. Doing these things will make the event even more memorable.

After all, a wedding is not just about fancy and decorative things.

Don’t Undermine the Impact of Candles

Whether an indoor wedding or an outdoor one, candles take the whole vibe of the place to another level. Candles can be ideal for the right lighting aesthetic — but before you start factoring them into your budget, you must consider the kind of candles you need. You can also place candles on the dining tables and make the area lit. However, having candles may not be the best idea if the wedding is during daylight.

Wrapping Up

Having an event space Healdsburg to organize any occasion is a wise choice considering the city’s beauty. So if you have planned a wedding there, these tips should help you manage one that leaves a mark on you and everyone present at the event. Also, decorating a venue is no one-size-fits-all formula so feel free to experiment with whatever you like and see what works!

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