3 Top Offset Smokers to Buy in 2022 : A Guide to Buying and Reviews

In this article, we will examine the top affordable, low-to-mid-range offset smokers that are in the marketplace currently. We also explain what should be looking for when selecting one, the best ones to stay clear of, and caution on what may appear to be bargains! 3 Top Offset Smokers to Buy in 2022: A Guide to Buying and Reviews

Have you decided to go for it and purchase a smoker that is dedicated? Good decision!

While you can grill meat with a regular grill, it’s much more difficult to attain the results you desire and need.

If you’re committed to smoking (and in the event that you’re reading this, then you are) an offset smoker might be the best choice for your cooker. A lot of people who enjoy grilling are equipped with a “standard” barbecue as well as a smoker that is dedicated.


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If you’ve gone faced with the decision of choosing an outdoor grill you’ll not be any time surprised to discover there are numerous offset smokers to pick from.

In this piece, we hope to guide you through the many aspects to take into consideration when looking for the ideal offset smoker. We limit the choices to a select few of the best options available there.

We’ve done our study, and now we’ll share our conclusions. We will look at the features you’ll need in the top offset smoker and some that are not needed or could make cooking less enjoyable.

We’ve picked a handful of products that we consider to be the top products available We’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of each so that you can shop confidently and be armed with new information.

The Best Offset Smoker for Home Use The Top 3 Choices of our Best 3

There are many good smokers available We consider them to be of excellent value and can be used to meet a variety of budgets and requirements.

“Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow

Oklahoma Joe is actually a real person who is Joe from Oklahoma This is awesome. The company was founded in 1987 using his experience as a competitive pitmaster to create the perfect smoker.

 OJ’s provide 6 different models of smokers, but we’ve chosen to focus on Highland Reverse Flow. Highland reverse flow.  

The smoker solves one of the primary issues with offsets using reverse flow technology’. This allows smoking to move across the meat, then again before it escapes through the chimney. This allows for evenly heated and even smoking.

There’s also the option of placing your chimney in the normal location in case you would prefer.

Dampers inside the chimney assist to maintain airflow and control the temperature. Baffles underneath the grate aid in providing heat and smoke underneath the meat before spreading over the top to ensure evenly cooked.

The entire unit is constructed of steel, which includes the wheels. It weighs in excess of 200 pounds. You’ll be grateful for the robust rolling wheels, and you’ll know it won’t be able to lose heat.

The grill has 619 cu. inches cooking area available on the grill. It’s not large but should suffice for most people.

There’s a thermometer on the corner that is closest to your firebox to ensure you know the temperature of the hottest spot. In the opposite direction, there’s a place for an additional thermometer this is a fantastic idea.

In addition, there’s a flat space at the top of the lid where you can cook any sides and sauces on the stove or in the pot.

Overall impression?

Also included on our list of top charcoal smokers This entry-level offset cooker is a fantastic beginning to smoking using an offset cooker.

Although some believe they have lost Oklahoma Joe’s appeal We believe it is worth the investment in their smokers for those who are looking to step into the world of smoking confidently and elegantly. This is a stylish smoking machine that is well-built and will be awe-inspiring with its simplicity of use and durability.

Yoder Smokers Cheyenne

I’m not even sure how to begin this smoker, and I truly don’t.

Yoder Smokers claim to produce “competition top BBQ items” and I’ve absolutely no doubt about their claims. I’ve viewed their range of products, among them, some products seem like something from Steampunk visions. If you require smoking equipment that weighs close to 1200 pounds, contact the guys at.

The majority of us don’t require it however this doesn’t mean we must be forced to buy inferior products. The Cheyenne is Yoder’s entry-level smoke However, it’s the actual quality and deserves your attention.

It’s hard not to catch your attention, in fact, it looks like a 19-century century steam train. It’s black from stern to stem and has a massive firebox, as well as massive steel wheels. If it could do absolutely nothing else than look amazing it’s an awesome thing to have. It’s a great smoke beautifully, however.

The Cheyenne has 703 square feet. Of cooking space and you can throw some burgers onto the grill inside the firebox. It weighs 315 pounds. You’ll be happy with the large wheels that make it easy to move around, as well as the huge handle.

The thermometer is located closer to the chimney’s end and you’ll be able to tell what temperature you are at the end of the day, and it’s probably to be cool. Of course, I’m expecting that the temperature will be near to being even with this smoker that is well-designed.

There are shelves to store your items just in between the lid of the chamber, on the lid for the firebox, as well as between the legs supporting it The latter is an ideal spot for spare logs.

Overall impression?

This high-end craftsmanship is expensive however it’s not as costly as you imagine.

While there is a myriad of options for equipment, you can purchase the most basic setup for less than $1,000 U.S. (I’d look at spending more and purchasing the charcoal grate to the main cooker to make it a dual-purpose cooker.)

If you’re looking to go above and beyond to appear like an experienced smoker in your backyard, think about purchasing this amazing product.

It’s true that it’s more expensive than similar smokers, but the cost will be well worth the cost when you begin to enjoy beautifully smoking meats with the least amount of hassle.

Pitts & Spitts Ultimate Smoker Pit U1830

From 1983 onward, charmingly called Pitts & Spitts has been manufacturing high-end smoking devices in Houston, Texas.

Their skilled craftsmen create top-quality equipment using a stainless plate and premium steel. They create everything from portable smokers for backyards to kitchens that require a fifth wheel to transport. In our case, we’ve chosen the “reasonable” solution to have the purchase of a brand new car just to cook meat.

It’s more expensive than the other items listed, but when you consider it as an investment, it will yield dividends in the end If you plan to do many cigarettes over the next few years.

The model number refers to how big the barrel is: 18″ 30″. (There are two more models that are available: the U2436 along with the U2448. I’m sure that you can figure out the measurements.) This is a huge cooking space! There is 853 square. In. Of cooking space in this 350-pound mini-monster.

The wood/charcoal-burning firebox is quite generous, and it comes ready for an LPG tank for fast ignition.

Dampers in the firebox and on the chimney permit temperature control. Additionally, the 1/8-inch thick firebox should keep the heat in place. The chamber is smaller at 3/16″ however it will retain the heat where it belongs.

Rain and snow won’t penetrate your chimney and cause corrosion that you don’t even be able to see it. Wind should not affect the flow of smoke.

I’m not keen on the tiny handle on the lid’s large size however, you shouldn’t open the lid too often, in any case.

The lower shelves aren’t there because of the LPG tank bracket, however, it’s big. But don’t count on having all of your wood stashed on your feet.

Overall Impressions?

For some, it’s complete overkill in terms of capacity and cost. There are far more expensive units on the market. There’s a lot for your buck in this model (ever thought of smoking eight chickens or four briskets simultaneously? ) It’s worth it if you plan to be an avid smoker.

Reduce the price and consider it from an annual perspective and you may find that this is well worth the extra money if you would like to try an experience of the great world of smoking.


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