11 Trending Short Wavy Hair Styles To Try For Any Hair

Do you have wavy hair and want to try something different with it? Do you also enjoy quick, trendy, clever, edgy outfits that allow you to display them easily and comfortably? Short wavy hair is irresistible. The adaptable hairstyles for wavy hair can do it all for you, from enjoying a routine casual day to getting set to make a trendy, youthful, and smoking hot style statement.

Not only that, but these wavy hairstyles are simple to manage, comfortable to wear, and effortlessly offer you a contemporary and western image.

Save your valuable time because doing your wavy curly hair won’t take long. When it comes to washing and drying short wavy hair, you will save time. With these distinctive and comfortable hairstyles for wavy hair, you’ll look like a fashionista.

Here are a few gorgeous hairstyles for wavy hair that you can easily wear.

1. Bob with Wavy Bangs

Wavy bangs
Wavy bangs

Bangs are a girl’s all-time favorite hairstyles for hair. The short hair ends are curled up to offer a trendy style, while the bangs are naturally straight to fall on your face. Keep your hair a little unkempt and blow-dry it for a different style. You’re only minutes away from rocking this modern, chic look with the use of a hair product, hair straightener, or curling iron.

On the ramp, walk-in style!

2. Slay the Pixie haircutĀ 


Taking care of lengthy hair can be difficult. Change your hairstyle to a short one because it takes less effort to style and maintain. Pixie hairstyles are ideal for people who are often on the go. It provides a clean, fresh appearance and makes taking care of your wavy curly hair easier. You’ll have less hair fall and a healthier mane with short hair. With a short pixie cut, you’ll feel comfortable, light, and stylish.

While pixie cuts are suitable for almost all hair types, short wavy hair may lend texture and character to a pixie cut that a standard pixie lacks. A pixie cut can be really attractive on short hair. A pixie cut may be fairly adaptable with hair. Ask your hairdresser for a jagged, tousled finish if you want to go a little longer between sessions and use fewer products.

3. Short hair with beach waves

Beach waves in a short hair
Beach waves in a short hair

Beach waves look great on all hair lengths, from long to short to medium. It instantly gives your hair an air of elegance and beauty. This hairstyle is ideal for young girls with naturally wavy curly hair.

4. Look elegant with a short layered wavy hairstyle


A hair layered hairstyle is usually ear to the neck, with a shorter top and longer bottom layers. It’s never been out of style to style your short layered hair into waves. With its unique style, this hair will make you look brilliant and increase hair volume. This excellent short hair will flatter you with its wavy curly hair texture.

5. Short curly with an undercut


Do you dare to experiment with your wavy short hair? An undercut is a haircut in which one or both temple areas are shaved very short; it’s a popular men’s style for years, but it’s also a fashionable appearance for women who wish to emphasize their wavy curly hair. Half of your hair will be cut short, while the waves on the other side will be left to their own devices.

Short hair with an undercut has a feeling of refinement and versatility that helps it stand out in a crowd. Undercuts are a terrific choice for the hot summer months since they keep you cool. It is suitable for women with thick short hair because the cut makes hair appear lighter and thinner.

6. Short wavy bob


Cutting your hair is crucial to a trendy short wavy bob hairstyle. Attempt a fresh layering technique for a different hair thickness for your short hair. For a messy, almost bedhead style, try the feathery layers at the ends of the hair. Make a deep part in your short hair for more drama, and use a sea salt spray on the roots to amp up the waves. Alternatively, for a lovely, playful wavy curly hair bob, have your hairdresser trim layers around your face.

7. Wavy curly hair with body curls


Do you wish for additional definition on your wavy curly hair? “Add some extra curls to your short hair for that extra bounce. Adding a few curls to your natural waves can create a wonderful textured look. Hot rollers or a traditional curling wand can be used to accomplish this look; make sure to use a smoothing serum or taming product to help reduce frizz.

8. Inverted lobĀ 


Make those waves in your short wavy hair pop with an inverted lob that grows shorter as it approaches closer to the back. This style is not only fashionable, but it can also be easily grown out by adding bangs along the way for an equal look.

9. Short Curly Bob with a Lot of Volumes

Short bob hairstyle
Short bob hairstyle

A poofy jaw-length bob will look amazing with your short, wavy, or naturally curly hair. Part your thick, wide curls to the side or center to produce a wonderful rounded form that looks excellent on tiny ladies. Subtle highlights will give your lovely curls even more depth.

Make this short hair more fascinating by using a light highlighting job that brings out each ringlet. Add texture with a sea-salt spray and a light-hold hair mist for more texture and definition.

10. Short Wavy Hair with Middle Part


The classic middle section is as fashionable as it is flexible. This style is perfect for oval-shaped faces, flattering most other facial shapes. Whether you want beautiful, elegant waves or a worn, beach babe look with your wavy curly hair waves, it’s entirely up to you. To style, apply heat to sectioned hair using a large barreled curling iron for a few seconds. Apply hairspray for long-lasting hold, and your hair curls will naturally fall into casual waves for a cool, elegant look.

11. Short Hair with Side Part


A side part is ideal if your face is long and rectangular rather than round. The short wavy hair is swept to the side to provide the appearance of volume and movement. This style is also appropriate for ladies with heart-shaped faces. Try experimenting with a zig-zag part for a playful, youthful vibe to add some variety.


Style short hair in any way you want without worrying about volume issues. Look amazing with these incredibly captivating trendy hairstyles for wavy hair. Add an air of sophistication and say goodbye to your hair blues.

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