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11 Magento 2 Extensions Every E-commerce Website Should Have

Magento 2 is a popular open-source e-commerce platform that allows business owners to create an e-commerce website with a variety of features. Magneto 2 is popular among developers because it uses the most recent version of PHP and can handle up to ten million page views per hour.

If you want to rule the e-commerce world and use an e-commerce platform like Magento, you must fully utilize its extensions. These Magneto 2 extensions aid in improving the functionality of websites.

When we know the importance of Magneto and its extensions, let’s jump into the list of extensions and their uses.

Must have Magento 2 extensions.

1. Help Desk:

All e-commerce platforms or online business owners know the importance of customer support. They provide support via various channels, like phone calls, email, or chatbots.

The help desk extension helps check issues and reply quickly. This process builds trust and loyalty. Customers can check the process in their account or can also receive it through the mail.

2. Magento 2 One Step Checkout:

This checkout extension shortens the checkout process and lowers the rate of abandonment.This also helps increase conversion rates. The Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension includes a number of features, including

1. Google Address Suggestion
2. Improved Chackout Page
3. Customization of Checkout Layouts
4. Quick Cart Advanced
5. Compatibility
6. Locate and Recover Abandoned Carts
7. Checkout fields that you create
8. Trust Seals

3. Free Gift for Magento 2

The Magento 2 Free Gift extension enables store owners to automatically offer free gifts to customers who purchase specific products. This module is an effective way to encourage customer purchases by providing additional incentives such as free gifts, resulting in increased sales.

Getting something extra is always special for everyone. This Free Gift extension allows store owners to offer a gift with some specific products they purchase. This method encourages customers to shop more at your store. Hence, increase the sales. 

It has features like

  1. Automatically adds the gift items to the customer’s cart.
  2. Automatic Software Update
  3. Adding the gift item details on the main product’s page
  4. The ability for administrators to add conditions as needed.
  5. Browser Compatibility
  6. The ability to select from a variety of available gift options
  7. Include a Free Gift Banner

4. Shop by Brand:

Every consumer has a personal favourite brand.Providing the facility to filter products by their favourite brands can help reduce their time on product search and also provide a good user experience.

It has below features:

  1. For branded products, use custom sorting options.
  2. A slider with highlighted labels
  3. A page with a list of all brands and a search box.
  4. The ability to sort and filter by brand
  5. Each brand has its own CMS page content.
  6. The ability to include logos on product pages

5. Automatic Related Products:

As the name suggests, this extension shows the related products as per the searches of the customers on the website. This increases the average sales of the store, as customers are more likely to buy related products. 

This includes: 

  • Create flexible conditions to identify related products easily.
  • Allow the layout option to edit the look of the appropriate block.
  • Administrators can place related products in any location to fit the store interface.
  • can change the screen mode to support mobile viewing
  • Allow for online support and documentation availability.

6. Shipping per product:

To build customer trust, clearly define the shipping method and amount.With the Shipping Per Method extension, one can calculate and use the different shipping methods as per the ordered products. This allows local, national, and global shipping to be easy. 

7. Magento 2 Special Promotion:

Special promotions provide the store owner with an added advantage by providing up to 16 promotional codes to customers.These special promotion codes can be used as a fixed amount or a percentage of some amount. 

You have the following features:

  1. Make promotions for both the cheapest and most expensive items.
  2. Provide deals that include free items.
  3. Configure fixed and percentage discounts.
  4. Create limited-edition specials with quantity steps.
  5. Run promotions based on the amount spent.

8. Blog for Magento 2:

Without relying on any other platform, with the Blog for Magento 2 extension, you can manage your blog posts along with all your products. You don’t need to install WordPress or any other platform to manage your blog posts. It is a kind of marketing tool with all the SEO functions to help market your content. We can manage posts, categories, rags, authors, and profiles all via the Magento admin panel. 

9. Multi Fees:

This is a fantastic Magento 2 extension that will allow you to add a powerful feature to your products. You can easily add multiple fees to your products to make pricing more transparent to your customers.

It has the following features:
1. Capable of calculating fixed and percentage fees.
2. Display fees on the cart and checkout pages to increase transparency.
3. Also display the shipping method along with the available payment methods.

10. Out of Stock Notification:

The Out of Stock notification extension helps both the user and the store owner. The store owner can notify customers about the storage of the stock via e-mail, and the store owner gets an idea about the products that are in demand. 

11. Shipping Tracker for Magento 2:

The one thing every customer needs from any e-commerce website is the ability to check the shipping status. With the Shipping Tracker extension, store owners get the liberty to build a strong relationship with their customers. 


Magento extensions help enhance the user experience and increase the conversion rate. Before opting for any extension, do some research and understand which extension is suitable for your business. Above mentioned, all the Magento 2 extensions increase productivity as well as trust. 


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